Words flowing from my fingers!

As long as I remember I’ve always been interested in words. Before I even knew how to write my name correct, I remember a game I used to play. This consisted of Writing as many letters I knew in random order and then run to an adult to ask if I’d written an actual word.

Nothing made me happier than by accident writing a word or two.

As I grew older I learned how to actually write. As I grew up with a computer without internet access and not the biggest interest in computergames (yes, i know I was weird) I started opening the word program.

The blinking marker was an indication of wprlds yet to be discovered and persons with any personality I could imagine.

And so my writing adventure began.

It hasn’t stopped since.



(I’ll drop a link to where some of my things are for reading. I know the page is in danish but if you can navigate the page I also have a few publiced in english)
Movellas – Heidi Emilie