In The Middle

My life sucks…

Not all the time just when it hits me.

I know I’m in no right what so ever to complain. I’m one of the lucky ones. I was born in a peaceful country in a family outside poverty. I have food on my table every day and clean water coming out of the taps. I own proberply hundreds of unessecary things and even if i lost everything i own i would still be one of the lucky ones.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not poor but I’m also far from rich (both in material things and something in non-material things also)

But that’s just it.

I’m stuck in the middle…

The middle of society where no one really gives a shit about you. Part of the main population not living but just existing every day.

The thing about being in the middle is that there are a lot of people, many of whom feels like they belong here, wanting a quiet life and a nine to five job.

And then there are those of us who wish we weren’t born into this part of society. Rich enough to actually care about consequences and poor enough to still have to care about consequences and so we have to live a normal quiet life.

The feeling of living in the middle is the feeling of being ordinary. And that is the one spectrum in which i can not and for most part will not place myself.

In a stretch i can deal with the quiet life and the nine to five job. But I will not place myself as one of the odinary. I’m too aware of being ordinary to wanna fit in there.

The way to not be ordinary is to do something extrodinary.

But I’m not the one to do charity and voulentary work. And the one other way i know to be known as not ordinary, is fame. And i just have too face that i do not have any talents beside the ordinary or am pretty enough that people wanna be me.

I am and will always be an ordinary stuck in the middle…

My goal will always be to strive to be something not ordinary.

But karma’s a bitch and have no reason to grant my wish.

– Heidi Emilie


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