We have again reached January in a New Year and with that New Years Resolutions. If you’ve my New Years blog from last year you will know that I’m not that into New Years Resolutions.

But this year I have done something new. I’ve made a Bucket List for 2018. This is a list that I need to do before we reach 2019.


1 Travel

This is an obvious one. I love to travel, but I realized I didn’t leave Denmark even once last year. This is not gonna happen this year. I don’t care if it’s far away or only for 2 days, but I need to go outside of Denmark. Soon!

2. Go To London

Again obvious. 5 times I’ve had a London trip planned out. 5 times it’s been cancelled. Someone somewhere don’t want to go. I sure.

3. Photograph the Cherry Trees

Here in Copenhagen there is a lot of awareness when the cherry trees blossom. As an amateur photographer this is an oppotunity take some shots you can only get for a short period of time here in Copenhagen. I regret not being able to do this last year.

So this year it’s on!

4. Drink Tea

This is both literally and a methaphor. Often I tell myself I don’t have time to sit down and drink a cuppa tea or jest enjoy myself for half an hour without doing anything produtive. Not this year!

5. Finish Moonlight Magic

I’m writing a book. And this particular book I’ve been writing on for a couple of years. My goal is to have it finished this year.

6. Do things Alone

During 2017 I’ve been better at doing things alone. I I’ve started to enjoy it. This kinda started of when I moved away from home. Usually I dragged my mom along for things if none of my friends had the time. I realized I needed to do things more on my own to learn. And I liked it! I still have a lot of things on my list I haven’t done alone yet.

7. Don’t Overthink – Just Do It!

I tend to overthink and rip myself of opportunities. I think a lot of people can relate to this one. I’m not planning on changing myself to not overthink anythink. But I’ll try to cut myself off before my overthinkings turning into a ‘NO’ to oppertunities.

8. Have Fun

Relax. Breathe.

Life is not suppose to be stressful. It’s supposed to be fun!

I’d love to hear if you have any New Years Resolutions or Bucket Lists!

– Heidi Emilie


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