Christmas Time

Christmas time has become a funny thing. At least in my world.

I become tired at looking at Christmas stuff before the calendar has even hit the 1st of December. And it feels like if you hear last Christmas one more time you’re gonna barf.

Society has overall pushed Christmas too far. Christmas begins before we’ve even had Halloween and for the people who live in America Thanksgiving.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand why people like the jolly Christmas spirit so much. I do too! I just think the commercial of Christmas has gone too far. This year I experienced an excellent example.

A friend of mine wanted to carve a pumpkin for Halloween the day before it was actually Halloween. But as they went out to look for a pumpkin they had to give up. All stores had taken down their Halloween stuff and replaced everything with Christmas stuff. I mean seriously this was still a day before Halloween people!

I’m not sure if it’s like this in all countries but my guess is this applies to many places and not just Denmark.

So here comes the big question:

When is it socially acceptable to start Christmas stuff?

Everyone is allowed their own opinion. But my own opinion has some pretty clear lines. I personally think the stores can begin here in Denmark the day after Halloween which of course means the 1st of November.

As for start decorating my own home I have always done it either the 1st of December or the 1st Sunday of advent, depending on which comes first that year.


The me the Christmas is not about decorating your front lawn with as many elves as possible. Christmas is about that feeling you get inside you when it’s cold and dark outside and lights are shimmering from everywhere. When youare snuggled up inside in the warmth with your family and/or pet and you just wanna have that feeling forever.

For me Christmas is about everone putting away their worries at the same time and just take a deep breath.

I know in reality Christmas is about celebrating that Jesus was born, but honestly how many people celebrate Christmas because of this anymore?

Merry Christmas!

– Heidi Emilie


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