New Experiences

Olá a todos!! (Hello everyone)

Yes, there is a reason I’m writing in portugiese.

The last two weeks has been filled with a lot of new experinces for me.

As you may already know I am into music and also play myself. And recently I’ve been going to a lot of concerts.

It all started out with me going to a jazz concert through my work. I had no real expectations of what this would be like as I had never really  experienced brazillian jazz before. This was a breakfast event as I was sitting and eating with my parents suddenly this amazing singer started. He was sitting by himself with his guitar and I was paralyzed by the sound of his voice and guitar. He played a few songs by himself and then he was joined by a female singer. She started out by explaning she wasn’t very used to sing in public. But when they started the song I was just as amazed as before. Their voices were perfect together and she was just as good a singer. Thanks to Daniel Rolim and Martha Freitas)

After this concert I was left with a feeling of having my heart open for a new genre of music. I knew they were playing again later that week and I decided to go again. This concert was just as amazing as the first one and after the concert I fell in talk with them. The following week they were playing daily at my own work and I began to talk to them some more.

They then invited me to a jam session in a small local cafe I never knew existed. And it was here the real experiences were. Again I brought my parents (as they love jazz music) we had plans to go to Tivoli afterwards so I could snap a few pictures off the park while it was decorated for Halloween. We had imagened that they would a little hour and then we could leave for Tivoli.

Boy, was I wrong

When we arrived at the cafe we found out that this was a small cafe where every nationality was together. We sat down at the table with Daniel and Marta. And it all began. The owner of the cafe invited us all welcome and then he started to tell us he was beginning to add some food to the menu and he would very much like us all to taste three small appatizers. He explained we was from Venezuela and the food was origined from their cusine. And the bomb dropped.

There was larvae in the food!


I have always had much trouble with eating anything I’m not familiar with. And I was so impressed by myself of actually eating it!

Yes world, I have eaten insects

Throughout all of this differents musicians and singers played and sang and just enjoyed themself. And I by coicidense had my camera with we I managed to snap some amazing pictures of all this, which I will share with you.

We ended up staying aat the cafe for two and a half hours and it was one of the greatest experienses I have had in a very long time.

Unfortunately I need to say goodbye to Daniel and Marta who will leave for Lisbon next week. I’m looking forward to seeing them again either in Denmark or maybe Lisbon.

Thanks for these amazing weeks with lots of new adventures!



– Heidi Emilie



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