5 Favorite Things About Autumn

When the change in the season comes  many people complain about the weather and the cold. They miss the warm summer, the sun which shines so bright and the trips to the beaches. Off course many people also associate the summer with time off from school and work (which do not apply to me as I work in hotel and you know how much I hate the summer vacation sometimes?!)

But if you put that aside I honestly don not like summer that much. I hate sweating. I hate being so many people on summer vacation. And I hate going to beaches with a thousand other people and their screaming kids. Proberbly the only good reason I can say about summer is that it gives me an excuse to eat more ice cream.

If I should choose a favorite season I would without doubt choose Autumn! I love everything about it. I love how it makes me feel!

This made me think about why I love Autumn so much so I put together 5 of my favorite things about Autmn. Please note these are not listed in order as I cannot choose one above the other.

1. Autumn Wardrobe

The Autumn fashion. It’s amazing! Not only are you allowed to waer neutral colors which honestly goes better the my very light skin tone than the bright summer colours do. The danish autumn fashion often consist of armygreenish and auburn red colors.

Then there is the boots. It’s finally cold enough not to kill your feet by wearing boots all the time with all outfits! And scarfs. The scarf definately can make almost every outfit look better.

Boots. Scarfs. Sweaters. Fuzzy socks.

And then there off vourse is sweaters! One off my favorite things about sweaters is a schrödingers cat example. Am I wearing a bra? Am I not? Who knows. Only me!

2. Rainy weather

This os one that is very special to me. Even since I was little I have always loved the rain.


I remember when I was around 5 years old. My friend and I was in IKEA with our parents. It was a really sunny and warm summer day. And we were singing a danish childrens son which roughly translates to

Sun, Sun Come again. You are my best friend

Rain, Rain go away. We don’t need you.

This was except we switched the words rain and sun as we refused to go outside and home again before it started to rain. We even did a little raindance and everthing to make it work.

You are proberbly wondering now whether it did work or not. But honestly I donnnot remember the rest even though I am pretty sure the sun was still shining when go went home.

As I’m sitting here writing this the rain actually started to pour outside. God I love Autumn!

3. Colourful Leaves

Do I really need to say anything else. Red, orange and yellow leaves on every tree. Just a splash off colour in the world before they die leaving the trees all bare for the winter. It’s one of those moments where you can really apprecialte the circle of life. (You can choose yourself is you want his to be a disney reference)

4. Warm Drinks

Tea with honey. Hot cocoa with whipped cream and mini marshmellows. And off course coffee.


5. Hygge

This is a danish word that has within the last few years actually become known worldwide. Hygge is usually translated to cozy even though it has several diffrent meaning. There has been written several books trying to explain this word to foreigners, but I will try to explain it in just a few words.

Hygge has a different meaning depending on who you are as a person. For me one of my definitions can be explained as a picture. Imagine sitting at home. It’s cold outside and you can maybe hear the wind creaking outside and the rains splashing on the window. You are sitting in front of the fireplace where the fire is crackling lively and you are curled up in your blanket. you are wering your fuzzy socks and a sweater. In you hand you have a cup of steaming hot tea which warms your finger which are cold from just coming in from outside in the rain. You are reading or watching a movie or maybe laying a puzzle. whatever you like to do which calms you down. in my scenario I am alone, but if you prefer you can be with your best friens, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, brother, sister etc. Remember it’s comepletely up to you.

So now you are sitting here in front of the fire and you can feel the warm spread from inside. That feeling you have right there. that is my preferred definition of hygge. but as I said before it’s different from person to person. For some it’s being together with friends and family and for others it’s solitude. But it’s a state of mind and a feeling you get inside. Not a word that can be easily axplained or translated.


I’m sorry for the long post. I hope I didn’t bore anyone who actually bothered to read it.

If you are reading it please let my know what your favorite thinsg about Autumn are.

I think you shold go out and dance in the rain if you have never tried it.

– Heidi Emilie


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