Taking Control

Do you ever get the feeling that you have no control over your life? The days are just passing by and you go to work and you go home and then you eat, maybe watch some telly, go to bed and then start over. You have no real reason for doing things, but you do it anyway.

Lately I’ve been having that feeling. I had no idea what I did with my time when I was not at work or at practice with my marching band. Everything I needed to do I continued to pass on and thinking ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

I had no real idea of time and I just felt like I kept waisting the litte time I actually had to do something productive.

Then 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a concept which have been existing for a long time but I’d never heard of.

Bullet Journal

For those who don’t know what a bullet journal is, it is basically a notebook you turn into a personal calender/notebook/to do list.

The reason I found it so intriguing  was the fact that you make the layout yourself. Every time I have bought a calender I was it was just a little bit different, the size, the layout and even the font it was written in.

Daily Tracker

I search the internet a bit for more information about this bullet journal and ended up having inspration enough to start my own. So a little week ago I did. Even though I’m still beginner at the bullet journal I wanted to write this post as it has already helped me a lot. All the things I need to do every day I write down on my daily tracker instead of a loose paper which I end up throwing out instead of doing what it says. If I do not have enough time to do something on my list I have to move the task instead of just throwing my whole journal out.

Habit Tracker

At last I just want to list some of the things I have already found was really important for me to include in my own journal.

  • Key and Index pageThese are really important as they are the key to the whole journal.
  • Idea PageAs I saw many things I wanted to include in my bullet journal if it worked for me, I made an idea page so I didn’t forget my ideas and then I can ad it in later when I got the time.
  • Monthly OverviewI’ve used a whole page to make a monthly overview with a little space to write keyword for every day (e.g. Work, Band practice, concert etc.) which I go into depth with in my daily tracker. 
  • Habit TrackerThis I personally use to keep track of how often I practice on my instrrument, remmber to drink enough water, Instagram or other things I want to do almost every day. 
  • Daily TrackerThis is where I go into depth with what I need to do every day. This is a mix of to-do lists, gratitude log, work time, appointments and then I have also added in a bar which contains all 24 hours in a day so I have an easier overview of how I prorities my day. 
  • Work LogAs I work in hotel I have a changing scheduele for work so I’ve added a log where I keep track of my work days and times. 
  • Future LogThe last thing I have added so far is afuture log where I can see my future appointments in the months to come.
Future Log

This is just my own personal choices. As you can see in the pictures I have tried to keep my bujo simple even though there is still space for creativity.

Monthly Overview

I hope this inspire others to take control over their lives no matter if it is via bujo or other ways.

Take care!

– Heidi Emilie


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