So far 2017 is a year of changes for me. My student time is up here in January and I’ll be mobning away from home in February. 

Changes has never really been my thing so this is much to bite for me… 

I Can feel myself growing and getting used to changes. Had all this happened one or two years ago I would have been a nervous rack. But I’m actually kind of excited (by the move anyway). The job situation scares me a bit more. I know I have a job until the end of February but agter that I’m unsure where I stand. I have many opportunities, I just hope they don’t all fall through. 

So this year I don’t need new years resolutions I have enough changes to go with. I will try to continue with last years promise to myself and try to do something everyday that makes me happy. Just the smallest things. 

Happy new year. 

– Heidi Emilie

(Picture: Tivoli, Copenhagen By: Heidi Emilie


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