Hello you big and beautiful sounding world!

So another of my hobbies is quite normal. Music! In reality I have two aspects of this hobby. 

The first aspect is listening and appriciating. I know this sounds cliche but:

“I could not live without music!” 

I can listen to most music rock, pop, country, etc. I even enjoy listen to classical music! There are a few genres though I simply cannot enjoy including: techno, most rap and old folksongs… I know why I don’t like techno, I like real instruments not computer sounds. This may have ground in my other aspect of this topic. You have properbly already guessed it, but yes I play music myself.

When most people say they play music it is often the piano or guitar or another band instrument, which if guys played it would be a chick magnet, but not me (alright I’m learning to play The piano but I suck at it…)

I started being musically even before I could walk or talk. My mom is playing the trompet and my grandma was playing the flute and the piano, so when I was little I tapped on the piano whenever I was at my grandparents. When me and my mom was home alone she would take out her trompet and we would sing and play together. That way I could make noise with a trompet before I was 6 years old. Between then and when I was 11 nothing much happend, but when I was 11 I started playing in a marching band just as my mom had done. This is now 8 years ago and I now play both marching drum and the trombone… Sounds really dorky but it is fun. I’m currently playing the trombone in my marcing band, we have a orcestra Called a brass band and we even compete in some of the bigger competitions here in Denmark. 

Beside the marching band I’m learning to play the piano and the ukulele and then I wish I could sing, but I sound like a whale with a cold… 

I think this is enough of music.

– Heidi Emilie


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