100 Things

  1. My favorite season is fall
  2. I’m a cat person
  3. Zodiac sign is Taurus
  4. A quiz once told me I should be aquarius
  5. I love chocolate
  6. My middle name is not officially Emilie… Yet…
  7. I still live with my parents
  8. I can’t wait to move out
  9. But at the same time I’m scared of living alone
  10. I have an older brother
  11. He is 4,5 year older than me
  12. I commute to work
  13. I have blonde hair
  14. And blue eyes
  15. I live in Denmark
  16. I only have 2 really close friends
  17. I wish I had a social life
  18. But I love being alone
  19. I use the word love too much
  20. Just not about people
  21. Not even my family
  22. But I love Anything containg sugar
  23. Or tastes sweet
  24. Oh, and my cat
  25. Everyone calls me a weak eater
  26. In reality I’m just snacking too much
  27. (In secret)
  28. It’s impossible for me to get a tan
  29. I actually don’t care
  30. I always only going on first dates with guys
  31. I once had a boyfriend
  32. I was the one who broke it up
  33. My favorite cold drink is iced tea
  34. And my favorite warm drink is hot chocolate
  35. I love reading
  36. I wish I could draw very good
  37. I play the trombone
  38. And the marching drum
  39. I hate my job
  40. I’m a perfectionist
  41. I’m lerning to play the ukulele
  42. And the piano but I’m BAD at it
  43. I’m secretly a grammar nazi
  44. But I also make mistakes myself
  45. I’m fluent in english
  46. And danish
  47. I undetstand most german but cannot speak it
  48. I want to try travel alone
  49. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher
  50. And a baker
  51. And a zookeeper
  52. Now I’m a hotelreceptionist
  53. I have this feeling I might be bisexual
  54. I watch Way too meny series
  55. Currently binging How I Met Your Mother
  56. I want a boyfriend
  57. I don’t have a favorite Color
  58. I like to bake cakes
  59. I get depressions sometimes
  60. I love fireplaces
  61. And oversized sweaters
  62. And for some reason Wellington boots
  63. My favorite word in Danish is “hygge”
  64. That word Can not be translated
  65. I have days where I hate myself
  66. And days where I love myself
  67. And just those days in between
  68. I’m 1,65 m. tall
  69. I love photography
  70. I’m 19 years old
  71. I failed my written drivers test the first time
  72. But I passed the practical in the first try
  73. I wear glasses
  74. I think my life is boring
  75. I’m looking forward to starting school again
  76. I don’t like most people
  77. I often feel older than my age
  78. A test once told me I was in my 40’s and married
  79. I like taking ridicolous tests online
  80. I want to be a writer
  81. But I have never finished writing a novel
  82. I enjoy taking the train
  83. My musictaste is wide
  84. I suck at texting back
  85. Once I had a habit of pretending I didn’t get peoples texts
  86. I like nerds
  87. Only 2 people know the real me
  88. I don’t like getting drunk
  89. I’d rather have a movienight than go to a party
  90. Bring me ice cream and I’ll love you
  91. I’m not a virgin
  92. I want to blog more often
  93. I wore a leather jacket before it was cool
  94. I still do
  95. I have never gotten a ticket for anything
  96. I find it easy to lie to people
  97. I love interior design
  98. I got good grades in school
  99. I never reveal my true middle name to anyone!
  100. I didn’t think I could write 100 things about myself

I don’t think anyone actually read this but if you did congratulations! You now know 100 more useless things (unless you somehow actually know who I am and use it against me…)

But it’s actually harder than you should try it!


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