One of my hobbies and also something I have done a bit more serious for a couple of years now is photography and photoediting.

I have actually taken an evening class in photography for a year. Not in as a serious class with master photographers just a class for young people who likes taking pictures. To be honest most of the classes was spent on making friends and snap pictures of each other for fun. But neitherless I learned a bit anyway.

As I have mentioned before I am no absolutly talented person. Basically I just see a view I like and snap a picture and then later when I’m bored I just play a bit with the light and colors until I think it looks fine to me.

The thing is that when I’m with my camera I can take a different view on the world. I like to walk places I have walked a thousand times before and try to discover something I have never noticed before.

When I am there again there is a bit more magic

And to be honest most places never runs out of new magic to discover

– Heidi Emilie


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