My Hobbies

Hello you world full of oppertunities!

Over the years I have obtained a couple of hobbies I just love doing. Most of my hobbies are on the creative side . And I know you all think know that I am sooo creative and I can tell you now that I am not.

Of course I must have something creative about me. But I’m not one of those fantastic talented persons who are good at everything they do.

I am a perfectly averege human being

I feel like I should not make a list of my hobbies and to be honest I would properbly just forget a thing or two. Instead I think I will just blog a bit about them along the way when I have some material on them to write about.

I know I am no master any of these things, as you will see along the way. And it is not about being good at it what I’m doing. Of course it helps not to suck entirely at these things.

But in reality it’s just about relaxing.  Just be in the moment and do what you do without stressing about anything else. Throw it away for a couple of hours and just do something you wanna do because well, you can.

– Heidi Emilie


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