The Urge to get away

Do you ever get that feeling, that you just need to get away. Not just away from school or work, but literally everything. Your home, your family, your friends and everything you know. Maybe it’s an urge to get away for two days, but it can also be an urge to get away forever.

Just run away and leave everything behind.

Even leave your current identity behind. Start over in a new town or maybe even a new country.

Maybe you have somewhere you wanna go. A place you have never been. But you know it’s just where you belong.

You are in love with places and cities you’ve never been.

I know I am. I have that urge to get away. I don’t know for how long. I just need to get away…

I sometimes live in a whole other world. When I Dream i am where i truly belong, and everything I experience in real life is almost just a dream. Like Dream and reality has been switched. And I didn’t notice. I’m just here somewhere in The middle of it all.

Life is happening and I don’t even realize because I’m too busy in my other world.

– Heidi Emilie


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